Frequently Asked Questions

FY 2019 Annual Fund & Product Council Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fiscal year for the ULI Annual Fund?

Starting in 2017, the Annual Fund began operating on a fiscal year from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018. The Council Competitions operate on the same fiscal year. The FY 2018 competitions completed on June 30, 2018. The new FY 2019 Annual Fund Product Council Competitions began on July 1, 2018 and will conclude on June 30, 2019.

Where do I receive my recognition for being a donor to the Annual Fund at the 2019 Spring Meeting?

The registration department will have your donor recognition as well as any recognition regarding 100 percent or Top Tier participation. If you are a Key Leader, the Key Leader check-in will also have all your donor recognition. If you donate on site or did not receive your recognition at registration, please contact Thomas Mitchell at or 860-461-3947 and he will be happy to assist you.

What do I need to know about the new Top Tier Product Council Competition?

The Top Tier competition will recognize the total donations raised by each Product Council in a fiscal year within three categories. Members will receive a special pin at the Fall and Spring Meetings.

• Bronze Tier: $20,000–$39,999
• Silver Tier: $40,000–$79,999
• Gold Tier: $80,000 or more.

All donations from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019, will count toward both Product Council Competitions.

How Many Product Councils achieved 100 percent participation or Top Ten status in FY 2018?

The FY 2018 Product Council Competitions closed with 30 Product Councils having reached 100 percent participation. Four Product Councils reached Top Ten status in the FY 2018 competition.

If a member has a question regarding his or her recent donation to the ULI Annual Fund, to whom do I direct them?

Thomas Mitchell, Director of the Annual Fund, is the contact to reach out to. He can be reached at or 860-461-3947 while at the Fall or Spring Meetings. He can be reached at 860-461-3947 for any follow-up questions you may have.

How do we introduce new members to the Product Council Competitions?

When drafting a member who has not yet served on a ULI Product Council, we encourage you to include language about supporting ULI’s mission by contributing to the Annual Fund in any new member welcome materials. Councils achieving 100 percent participation for five-plus years have historically focused on participation versus amount, emphasizing that the expectation is for every member to contribute to the Annual Fund during each year of his or her term.

We have several ULI Trustees and Foundation Governors on our Council. Do their ULI Foundation commitments or “active pledges” count toward our participation totals for the Council Competition?

Yes. ULI Trustees and Foundation Governors with commitments/active pledges receive participation credit for the Council Competition during the term in which they serve as Trustees and/or are making scheduled annual payments on a Governors pledge.

The note “included in participation” will be added to your Council’s giving roster to reflect the member’s commitment or active pledge. When a Foundation Governor has fulfilled his or her pledge (in most cases five years) or a Trustee term ends (in most cases four years), he or she will need to contribute to the Annual Fund to receive participation credit for the Council Competition.

Who selects the Council Ambassador and what will the member be responsible for in this role?

The Council Ambassador is appointed/selected by the Council Chair. The Council Ambassador is responsible for leading the effort to achieve Council participation goals for the Annual Fund Campaign. The Ambassador’s responsibilities include the following:

• Providing updates to current and prospective Annual Fund donors on the impact of their support.
• Sharing the case for Annual Fund support, making “the ask,” and distributing donor forms/online giving link on or before Council Day.
• Providing three to four email updates to fellow Council members throughout the Annual Fund Campaign (July through June) with the latest participation and giving totals.

We have a handful of members on our Council who have not responded to repeated requests from Council Leadership. May I send in a gift on their behalf to ensure that my Council reaches 100 percent participation?

No. To reach 100 percent Council participation, each member of your Council must personally contribute to the Annual Fund. Please remember there is no minimum contribution to be recognized as a donor; any contribution received from an active member on or before June 30 in the fiscal year will be counted toward your Council’s participation totals.

Ambassador Selection: Ideas, Best Practices

Many Council Chairs have achieved their participation goal by appointing a current, prospective, or former Council Leadership Team member to serve as Ambassador. This strategy helps reinforce the notion that supporting the Annual Fund is a part of your Council’s culture and a priority for all members of the leadership team.

Alternatively, Council Chairs select a member of their Council who also serves as a member of the ULI Foundation Board, is a Foundation Governor, is a Annual Fund donor, and/or is actively involved in a ULI program supported by contributions to the Annual Fund (e.g., UrbanPlan, Advisory Services panels). This strategy can help personalize the case for support as well as an inside perspective on the impact of contributions to the Foundation.

Should you have any questions about the Council Ambassador position or the FY 2019 Annual Fund Campaign, please contact Thomas Mitchell at or 860-219-9904. Also, please feel free to reach out to Thomas for Council Giving Updates, Three-Year Council Participation and Giving history, as well as samples of appeals for support.