Annual Fund Impact

In Fiscal Year 2019, the Annual Fund raised over $1.65 million for the Institute’s greatest needs. A dozen programs were directly affected by donations to the ULI Annual Fund. From UrbanPlan to the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), donations made a real change to the number of people these key ULI programs could reach.

UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging exercise in which participants learn about the fundamental forces that affect real estate development in our communities. Donations to the Annual Fund made it possible for more than 3,300 students in 137 classrooms at 51 high schools to participate in UrbanPlan this year. With support from the Annual Fund, UrbanPlan has been able to reach more than 49,000 high school and university students in the United States and Canada since 2003.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative is another key ULI program that is directly supported by donations made to the Annual Fund. Contributions allow the WLI to create mentorship programs for women in real estate as well as create new WLI programs for ULI district councils across the United States.

Below is the list of programs that received funding from the Annual Fund in Fiscal Year 2019:

  • Advisory Services
  • ULI Global Awards for Excellence
  • ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative
  • Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate
  • Emerging Trends in Real Estate®
  • ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance
  • ULI Hines Student Competition
  • Professional Development
  • ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing
  • Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use
  • UrbanPlan
  • The Women’s Leadership Initiative

These programs and others would not be possible without the support of the Annual Fund. Donations to the Annual Fund make a truly lasting impact on ULI’s greatest needs, and we thank every donor who has supported the Annual Fund and the Urban Land Institute over the years.